Delstra: Songs From A Basement (Lyrics)

Original Release: May 15, 2007
Discontinued and removed from circulation in 2012.

1. Delstra
2. Maybe I’ll Forget Too
3. A Warning
4. Sex Strings
4. The Bus, The City, The Job


She wipes the powder from her nose
Slides me the plate
Let’s to go where it never snows
Irony to pure to fake

The back of the car is too dark to see
The tears you cry
As you lean in and whisper to me
I really did try

We loved you, you know that
Even though we left you
But that’s where we’re at
It’ll be over soon

My baby’s got a baby
One she loves but never sees
She says she can quit when she wants
Yeah my baby, she lies to me

Arms go limp, head against the window
Didn’t she deserve more then this?
A lakeside grave site for our amusement
Isn’t that all this is?


“Maybe I’ll Forget Too”

I remember your eyes used to shine
And you used to keep your hair long
Before movies and TV shows
Bought all our favorite songs.

I remember I used to live
Down the street from your house
We used to lie in bed all day
Something that I still miss now

I’m laying on the floor
I’ve never dreamed of dying before
But the credit card spending
Pretending I’m something
Will only last till I’m broken in
And I’m broken in

We used to sit back on the couch
I’d joke and say “I love you”
I know what I said back then
But every word I said was true

I was drunk and so were you
Laying in my bed
You held me and smiled and said
“Stay with me”


“A Warning”

A million days this week
How is it possible that I
Accepted defeat
Should have stuck with a tie

What good is a warning now
If you’re already gone?
I guess she had found
That there’s no use for my songs

I thought things were well
Shows how naive I am
So I’ll just leave a message
Call me back when you can

So where’s your warning now?
When you’ve got your jacket on
But you’re interested in how
You ended up in my song


“Sex Strings”

My wallets empty
So she’s gone

I’m tired of thinking about it
About the shit I could do without
6 strings to get it out

And my hands fail

I feel better now

Yeah you’re the one on the curb now.


“The Bus, The City, The Job”

It’s hard to breathe here now
People so cold that I’ve found
That this place isn’t my town
But a joke

I’ve been lost before
In a bed or bathroom floor
But I can’t tell you anymore
You don’t know

So how can you be okay?
Nothing here I want to save
And tomorrow it will be the same
Same when I’m gone

She says I’m not myself
My eyes say I’m someone else
I disagree but I’ve never felt
She was wrong

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