Miracle of Zero Lyrics

Original Release: November 25, 2008

1.  Still Love Me?
2.  A Warning
3.  For Love
4.  Get Outta Here
5.  Talking To Myself
6.  Going Nowhere
7.  No April Fool
8.  Reluctance
9.  Nameless
10. I’m Not The One You Want
11. All I Know
12. Good Night

Still Love Me?

If I told the truth to you
Or if I held it back
If I stole the youth from you
Made you heart black

Would you still love me?

If I told my family
That I wasn’t to return
If I told you my story
Would you think it absurd?

Would you still love me?


A Warning

A million days this week
How is it possible that I
Accepted defeat
Should have stuck with a tie

So where’s your warning now?
You’ve already gone
I guess she had found
That there’s no use for

My songs

I thought things were well
Shows how naïve I am
So I’ll just leave a message
And you can call me back when you can

So what good is a warning now
If you’ve got you jacket on?
But you’re interested in how
You ended up in

My song


For Love

Lose your top in the hot tub
Just a cross upon your chest
A new man across from you
Is gonna sign over all his cheques

Appeal to his basic needs
But keep him on the hook
Take him for all he’s worth
And never take a second look

There’s no room for love

Black paint on your eyes
You got a look on your face
Like you’re happily starving
In a prosperous age

I’ll admit it, I’ve been fooled
A heart broken in your wake
Put under a bridge in the north
Slain by the love I found was fake

But I’ve gotten off topic
They’ve already heard my blues
But I offer my heart redemption
And offer that’s been refused


Get Outta Here

I been up all night so I thought it was best
To pull off the road and get some rest
I woke to someone pulling my legs
I sat up and punched that cop in the face

She was a lady cop with short brown hair
I explained myself but she didn’t care
From my cell I kept moving my mouth
Till they got fed up and threw me out

I felt bad and apologized
She said get out or I’ll blacken those eyes
But if there’s one point behind this tale
Not every man can get thrown out of jail


Talking to Myself

I’ve been sitting in the hall babe
The bottle drips the only sound
The phone wasn’t ringing
But I keep hoping you’ll come around

Your friends see me walking
Stop by just to say hello
They ask me how I’ve been
But I just can’t let them know that

Been thinking about you babe
And I’ve
Been thinking about you babe

I’ve been tearing down the house babe
Not like anyone calls it home
Picking up extra shifts
Just so I’m not alone

Whatever you’re told about me
Chances are its all true
But if you’d just call me
I’d wanna tell you that

Been dying without you babe
Been crying without you babe

I’m holding myself up with
A lamppost on seventeenth
And the Hippies and homeless
Are trying not to stare at me

I know I’ve been whining
Wasting every sunny day
And if I were to see you
I’d probably lie and say

Doing fine without you babe
Living life without you babe

I’ve been talking to myself babe
I don’t see myself in my eyes
You’ve gotta hold onto me cause I can’t
Stay alive


Going Nowhere

Nikkie B. told me I sold out
Cause I got a job and full bank account
She can take those words and go to hell
To sell out, you gotta have something to sell

I’m going nowhere

Nikkie G. tells me I got no heart
Giving up after what she calls a slow start
I sly smile and say, “Its not over yet.”
Apparently that’s what the others said

No more Nikkie, I ain’t got time for this
I’ll lose my job if I’m late for my split shift
I wish it were different from the way things got to be
I’m begging you babe, don’t be so hard on me



Mary’s holding down the fort
Just like she said she would
I show up an hour late
Just because I could

She keeps asking me if
There’s anything I care about
I wanna lie
But the truth just came out

She’s picking up speed
As we’re lying in my bed
I just wanna get some sleep but she says,
“Full speed ahead”

Finally she storms out
Well, its not like she broke my heart
Cause its too late to go back out
And they’ve closed down all the bars

You tell me to be a man, reluctance is part of who I am
You know that I don’t give a damn, reluctance is part of who I am
I don’t expect you to understand, reluctance is part of who I am
You know that I don’t give a damn, reluctance is part of who I am

Lily’s on the table
And she’s pulling me into her trap
You know she’s only 17
And I gotta be mindful of that

I turn around to leave
I grab my coat off the rack
She was yelling behind me,
“Don’t you bother coming back!”



She ran track in school
Outran the Hurricane Express
But at the wrong end of the barrel
Her speed failed to impress

I walked to the back of the room
That’s where I noticed the blood on her clothes
Shots rang out from beyond the door
And she pulled me close and said

“Who do they think they are?”

So you think you’re real tough with a loaded gun
So you go to your school to kill someone
You want 15 minutes but for you instead
I got just one bullet you can put in your head

“Who do they think they are?”


I’m Not the One You Want

In front of the Volkswagen
Is where they lit him on fire
But I hold my own
In the big desire

There’s a lot of words to say
That I can’t pronounce
Maybe its just the back bone
I haven’t found

I don’t know baby
Who you thought I was
Did what I told you then
Get lost in fuzz?

Is this another
Preemptive con
To distract from the fact
I’m not the one you want

In the back of my trunk I have
Another way to get out
If you want a quick escape
Give me a shout

I got no money tonight
So my drinks are free
If I’m lucky, I’ll make it home
If not, we’ll see

I got my tickets
I got my case packed
When I get there baby
I’m never coming back

Won’t bring no guitar
Can’t write no songs
Seems like the only place left
I don’t belong


All I Know

Squeeze me dry
Shake me for all I’m worth
I don’t need to know why
You should know that you’re not the first

Its 4am
No headlights on this street
And somewhere you’re killing yourself
Through all the people you meet

And its weird to see
That every part of me
Wants to let it go
But you’re all I know

I used to tell you
I wanted to be asleep when I died
So you could say I waited my whole life for death
And never got to see what it looked like

But I’ve grown up since then
And I don’t touch that shit anymore
Days like today make it easy to give in
But the prices make it hard to afford


Good Night

Good night to my love
Good night to what I hate
Good night to sense of worth
It’s a good night to contemplate

It’s a cold day for love
A cold day for walking out
It takes a cold day to make a promise break
A cold day to talk about

Waking up now.
Waking up now.
Waking up now.
Waking up now.
Waking up now.

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