“Just Take It” Lyrics

Original release: October 30, 2012

1.   The Proof
2.   Afraid to Wake Up
3.   Did You See?
4.   Nothing Wrong
5.   The Idiots
6.   John
7.   Get Rid of It
8.   Break
9.   Can’t Go Home
10. Memories Lie


“The Proof”


The rain is coming, carry back us back to

The place I’ve fallen, is nothing more than to go

Erase the martyr, spending the time that you know

Is meant to be wasted, but I can’t waste it in proof


You’re screaming out windows, chastise the kids as we go

Amazingly quartered, made up to order for you

Was never enough to fully satisfy you

I speak for the bleach and I never wanted the proof


“Afraid to Wake Up”

Been thinking about getting rid of my stuff

Just not quite sure if we’ll have enough

Get Charise to call and bring some up for us

Rip the bag with you teeth, cavities be damned

We’ll find a dirty road in your daddy’s van

Do a little more to prove that you’re man enough

Lying around, too afraid to wake up

Acid’s in the water, well we’ll get him to smoke

Test this shit and we’ll see if he chokes

If he stays alive then it’s good for the both of us

Cut me off so I ran him off the road

I pulled him though the window and I broke his nose

As his kids cried out, I prepared to show what happens

Lying around, too afraid to wake up

What are you doing lying around too afraid to wake up?


“Did You See?”

I’ve been dizzy before

Put my head on the floor and where were you?

Sitting in the back of your car

Listening to songs bout the end of the war

I’ve been weary before

Seen inside the door

Of this world to see evil men

They’re capable and they’re inside your friends

Did you see?

Written on the wall

All spelled out in blood

Is our names, is our names

I know you’ve been here before

Got a look in the morgue

But did you hear? There’s no revolution on

Just another wet dream of a protest song

There ain’t no love anymore

Putting faith in a lord that never shows

To take you up on your offer

Is your soul enough?


“Nothing Wrong”

Sorry I was staring at your gun

I’m just aching for another one

And everybody acts like I’m nothing wrong

Their hands in their pocks and they’re playing dumb

I get no sleep

I get no sleep

She was 17 when they left her in park

Just an OD’d girl, no one around to point em out

So when I saw her on my TV screen

Her parents crying out and they’re looking for me

I get no sleep

I’m up all goddamned night

I get no sleep


“The Idiots”

I don’t know what you’ve done to me

But I can’t take it if I can’t figure it out

In the truck I’m a passenger with hands made of rock

And I can’t keep my tongue in my mouth

Eye-e-eye out the passenger side

I throw my head out, headlights are making me blind

Eye-e-eye it’s the end of out lives

Yeah, no one told me but I don’t think that I mind

English driving, I can’t keep it straight

I push on the gas and I reach back to keep her at ease

Jump the curb, in the lake, and the water

Pouring in. Why’s everyone trying to leave?

I don’t know what you’ve done to me

But the door won’t open and I’m still thinking about

In the back is Charise and she’s screaming,





Where you going

With that Girl?


“Can’t Go Home”

They’re gonna come at me again

With everything, with anything

I’m gonna scream out why it hurts so bad

Like everything is caving in

It’s just a joining of a process

The house of which I reside

The enemy of progress

Takes refuge with me beside


Of writing down words about you


And I can’t go home

Sleep until the day breaks

Getting up, listening

Pull the pen from my pocket

Just to put it back inside again

It’s still dividing osmosis

When I can add it up

And if you saw the process

By any means, say enough


Of writing down words about you


And I can’t go home


“Memories Lie”

You call for a little show-and-tell

And yeah babe, my life’s been going swell

But the truth of it is I ain’t feeling so well

Right now

I’ve seen my good friend die

And I’ve my old memories lie

It makes you happy just to be alive

Right now

Oh no

What do I do when I don’t know what to say to you?

Cause where was I when you were out and in pain?

All I know is if you let me

I’ll stay

I spent a lot of my time

A sadness I’m not proud to define

But having you here takes it off of my mind

For now

Cause I’ve found that all good things die

And it’s not rare to have memories lie

It’s just enough to make you want to be alive

Right now

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