Looking Back: ‘My Love is True (Hey Hey Hey!)’

As my catalogue grows, its easy for me to forget about songs I put out in the past.  ‘Looking Back’ will take a look at some of my previous work and talk frankly about the process of making them, things I screwed up and things I feel I got right.  Hopefully this won’t be boring.

“My Love is True (Hey Hey Hey!) – 2012 Single

This is a pretty recent track, but kind of an oddball in the catalog.  When I was working on this, my girlfriend was on a 5-month exchange in Mexico and I was trying to write something upbeat to cheer myself up.  Unfortunately, the first draft of this song sounded incredibly similar to a Beatles song and as soon as I noticed that, I had to rearrange large parts of it, or I would feel I copied them.  So, I played with the structure and ended up ripping the whole thing apart and keeping just the basic acoustic chords and rebuilding the song off of them.

I also finally go a chance to use my mandolin, which had been sitting in my closet since I bought it.  It really gave the instrumental section a big boost and I still think this song sounds phenomenal.  At the same time, this is very much a bouncy, upbeat love song that I wrote while making Just Take It, a dark and atmospheric concept record.  I knew it would have no place on the new record and I figured I might as well release it as a single, because its still a cool song.  Just the harmonica alone floors me.  🙂

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